Constitution Island (Images of America Series)
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Rugged in beauty and rich in history, Constitution Island lies at a picturesque bend of the Hudson River opposite West Point and north of New York City. As the location of the first fortifications built to defend American independence, it was the anchor site of the great chain, which stretched across the Hudson to impede British passage. During the 19th century, it was the home of two extraordinary sisters, Susan and Anna Warner. Raised in wealth and comfort, they struggled with their father's economic ruin during the panic of 1837. Accomplished and resourceful, they turned to writing for a living. Susan's best-selling novel, The Wide, Wide World, made her a celebrity, while her sister Anna's hymn, "Jesus Loves Me," became known around the globe. In 1916, a devoted group of friends and admirers began a volunteer organization, the Constitution Island Association, to preserve the home, gardens, and memory of the Warner sisters and their historic island.
Ronnie Clark Coffey is a teacher, researcher, author, and former executive director of the Constitution Island Association. These unique photographs have been culled from the extensive archives of the Constitution Island Association, the United States Military Academy, and several public and private collections.

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Constitution Island (Images of America Series)

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